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LollyWaffle™ Red Velvet Waffle Mix 20 Lbs.

Sagra Inc

Regular price $79.99

Wow your customers with a delicious crunchy Red Velvet LollyWaffle. Using our simple recipe, just add water and you'll have a perfect Red Velvet LollyWaffle with our amazing Cream Cheese Bursts inside the mix. It's just waiting to be dipped into our Liquid White Chocolate w/ Cream Cheese Drizzle.

The LollyWaffle ready-to-use Red Velvet Waffle mix will make the perfect Red Velvet LollyWaffle time after time. Just add 1.5 cups of water per 1 lb. bag and pour into the LollyWaffle machine. Made from the finest ingredients, the LollyWaffle is also competitively priced for the food service industry.